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This is a community for fans of the X-Men character Emma Frost. Your Mods are sionnain and willowaus.

Fanfiction, icons, graphics, fanart, and discussions are more than welcome as long as they focus on Emma!

A few simple rules:

*Leave comments! If you read something you like, let the author know. If you adore someone's icons or artwork, tell them so! Feedback is ♥, yeah?

We're proud to be an affiliate of marvel_fic, for all your cross-'verse Marvel fic needs!
*Please do not hotlink. It makes kittens cry. Do you want to make kittens cry? No? Then don't hotlink :)

*Concrit is fine, flaming is not. Abuse will not be tolerated.

*Any RPG ads will be deleted; please do not post without mod permission.

*Let your mods, sionnain and willowaus, know if you have suggestions for the community.

*All X-Men verses are welcome here, as well as all pairings. Please no flaming; if you don't like it, no worries, but being angsty over it is just silly.

Questions? Contact your mods at sionnain@livejournal.com or willowaus@yahoo.com

For all fic, please include appropriate headers and warnings, and always use an LJ cut.

Icons are more than welcome; please use an LJ-cut if you are posting more than 3.

Proudly affiliated with fandom_arcana, a multi-fandom community, and demented_allure, a Magneto/Rogue fan community. Also happy to be affiliated with marvel_fic, for all your assorted Marvel-verse fic needs!

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Emma Frost/Sebastian Shaw art by matitablu. Please do not use without her permission!